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Here are some of the services The Coyle Group, LLC offers in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware & Chester counties:

Single Family Residential $350-$550
Multi-Family Residential (2-4 Units)         $600-$750
FHA Single Family Residential                 $425-$525
FHA Multi-Family Residential (2-4 Units) $650-$750
Limited Appraisal 2055 exterior only $250-$350
Limited 2055 with interior inspection $350-$450
Single Family Residential High Value $700,000 and up         Quote
Land Appraisal $300+
Recertification/Update Old Appraisal        


This is not a complete list of the services we can provide. Please contact us if the service you need is not listed.

Please note that the lower end of the fee range presented above represent fees for Philadelphia County.  Other counties may be higher.  Fees included Form 1004MC.

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